Who are you? Seriously? Do I even know you? Why are you trying to add me on Facebook? 

What would make this whole experience less painful is if Facebook were to amend its restrictions on profile viewing. I understand the need for privacy settings, obviously I don’t want complete strangers being able to view my entire world – but surely if you are adding me then you clearly believe we are friends. So, on that basis, I should be allowed to view your profile in its entirety before deciding if I want to accept your extension of friendship? The whole friend thing can be quite a stress inducing ordeal. At what point does it become acceptable to send a Friend Invite. Do we have to spend a certain amount of time together? Is a single interaction at a 3rd party event enough grounds to add you to my inner circle? In someways the whole thing is quite stalker-esque. I can understand that for 10% of your connections, it presents a useful way of keeping in touch, and what with the ever shrinking world, a way to keep up to date with your close friends life changing experiences on the other side of the world. But let’s be honest – beyond that, it’s a method by which we can judge others and engorge our own egos, perv on bikini photos and laugh at people who have ballooned since high school.

I never really understood Twitter, or Instagram. Why would I want to see regular updates of you Eating a #doughnut followed by a faux vintage photo of you Eating the doughnut in question. Some things really do not need to be broadcast to the world. The amusing thing is that it is self propagating – One person submits a photo of their latest meal/drunken-escapade/beach-holiday etc. and results in other people fearing their life may appear dull or lacking in nutrition. And so, a second round flurry of stimulating vintage photos hits the scene, each screaming “Look at me, look at me, I am doing something cool because my life is amazing”. What I have realised is the following. Those whose lives are most full, have the smallest social networking footprint. Why? Because they are too busy enjoying what life has to offer, to document it and share it with a digital world.

So get out there, and be present.

Not behind the screen of your smart phone pretending that #yolo


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