This week, the Australian Government took a bold step in combating the damage caused by parents who refuse to vaccinate their offspring. Against much protest, they intend to withhold child support from families if they refuse to immunise on the grounds of conscientious objection. It still amazes me that in this day, people can blindly refuse to protect their children. What is in fact most selfish is the harm they will cause to others by not doing so.

 There are of course, acceptable reasons for refusing vaccinations; religious belief, and medical grounds. Having a vaccination does not guarantee 100% protection from the disease, but rather works on the premise of protecting of the population aka Herd Immunity. By achieving a large enough percentage of cover it prevents the rapid large scale spreads seen previously and offers protects those who are medically unable to receive immunisation (such as children receiving chemotherapy) by increasing the degrees of separation.

 What happens when enough people refuse to vaccinate, is that the gap between non-vaxxers dramatically increases and levels of exposure rise. Non-vaccinated children become ill, and can allows strains to mutate and infect vaccinated children. An example of this can be seen in Swansea, Wales – where a non-vaccinated child spread measles to over 1,400 other people resulting in 88 hospitalisations and 1 death at a cost of $700,000 to the tax payer. The most unfortunate element of this event was that the gentleman who died, was a 25 year old who was suffering from Giant Cell Pneumonia.

So what are the ever-so convincing reasons that people choose to be such selfish individuals?

1. Pharmaceutical companies can’t be trusted.

Yes, that’s right – the big bad Pharma companies are trying to hurt you. In one of the most tightly controlled fields in the world, it is extremely unlikely that the pharmaceutical industry is conspiring against you and keeping secrets. Yes, there will be an element of secrecy, and yes, there have been occasions where a drug has been used without realisation of the long term side effects. This is what is called progression. In order to make progression, sometimes mistakes have to be made, and we learn and evolve from these errors. Realistically, with the number vaccinations administered, the chances of your child being the one that falls ill is remote – so remote in fact that you are more likely to win the jackpot on the lottery 3 times in a row.

2. All vaccines are loaded with chemicals and poisons.

Vaccines do contain certain substances which in extremely high doses could be considered as poisonous. Many of the feared substances actually occur naturally in your food. Aluminium for example, is added to make the vaccine more effective – though the concentration of Aluminium in breast milk is actually far higher. There are obviously other, potentially more harmful substances such as formaldehyde which acts as a preservative, however the volume of these articles is such that you would require over 1000 doses to be notice an impact. Note that formaldehyde (for example) increases your risk of forming cancerous cells, which means you would require 1000 doses just increase your risk of developing cancer.

3. Fully vaccinated children are the unhealthiest.

I’m not sure how they figured this one out – but law of averages would suggest that in light of how many children are vaccinated vs. how many aren’t, you are bound to notice an apparent larger proportion of unhealthy vaccinated children. That’s just maths. There is no reason why having a vaccination would make you an unhealthy individual, it purely serves to protect against specific diseases. One thing I noticed… non-vaccinated children tend to die more when exposed to certain diseases that others have been immunised against… funny that?

4. The illnesses are rare.

Yes they are. And the reason they are rare is because of vaccinations. The reason we have managed to extinguish certain diseases is because people vaccinated their children and helped prevent the spread. Measles is rare, but if people stop vaccinating against it before it is eradicated, then it will come back pretty fast – and this time round it could be a different strain that we don’t have a vaccine against.

5. The illnesses aren’t that bad.

SOME of the illnesses aren’t that bad – the flu, for example, is not that bad if you are a healthy young adult. But the consequences for an elderly or immunosuppressed individual can be severe. I wonder if the large number of people who died in the Philippines from the measles outbreak thought that it wasn’t so bad as they took their last breathe? Either way, the rick of illness from the disease far exceeds the risk of illness from the vaccine.

6. Vaccines cause autism.

Time to remove your head from your arse. Vaccines do not cause Autism. This has been disproved time and time again. Move on.

The message that often gets lost in all this, is that the decision to vaccinate is not a personal one – it effects the health of entire communities. You/your child may weather measles (or whichever) with minimal side effects, however the newborn baby next door or elderly lady in the supermarket who you pass it on to, might not be so lucky. 

So next time you go to open your mouth and exclaim why you are not vaccinating your children – remember that what you are actually saying is “I am happy harming and killing helpless babies and the elderly with my ignorant and selfish decision”.


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