Following the somewhat vulgar display of aggression from the anti-conservative movement in the UK, the nurses have once again managed to make it all about themselves. I find it hard to comprehend why the British media give them so much air time. 

Their plight is one of pay… Isn’t it always? Yet again, they are gripped with fury over their meager 1% pay rise – which, don’t get me wrong, is not even remotely representative of inflation. What I fail to align with, however, is what makes nurses unique? Because, let’s be honest – nobody else is getting a cost of living increase. 

The thing that is of most irritation though, is the striking. I get it… You’re pissed… but why do you feel the urge to make everyone else suffer? There is of course a simple resolution – resurrect Margaret Thatcher, and commence de-unionisation of the UK. In a modern society Unions serve little purpose other than to offer a means of hostile bullying. The EU Working Directive and associated employment laws govern fair working environments and have outstripped the requirement for unionised labour. It is as if the board sits there and thinks “Oh Gosh Gents, we haven’t done much recently… better rally for a strike before people start questioning our purpose!”

Striking represents nothing more than a blatant form of legalised extortion that demonstrates an uneducated and irresponsible attitude towards the larger picture. Has it occurred to them that maybe, it’s because the money isn’t available? If I owned a large company and my workers went on strike due to pay – I would stand straight up and say, “sure thing folks! Here… have your pay rise… Oh sorry, we’re bankrupt – so you are all, as of this moment, unemployed without further pay, severance or benefits… bet you wished you hadn’t been so greedy now?!” 

I suppose one could argue that these feelings of bitterness arise from the understanding that everyone else is in the same proverbial boat – but minus the media recognition or ability to strike. Though I would counter that I have no desire to strike and a belief that those higher up within the business have greater insight and appreciation of economics than I, and as such can comprehend that a pay rise is not in the best interest of the company. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, though.


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