It is the height of summer in Australia. It’s hot… REALLY hot! And when it’s really hot, people become Nazis about not leaving children in cars. In fact, they are fairly obsessed by this even when it is cold. In WA, leaving your child in a car alone can get you a $20,000 fine and 6 years in prison.

I have absolutely no concern over leaving my 2 year old in the car alone. The engine is running, the AC is blasting, and I have the keys in my pocket. I’m not going to leave her there for any extended period of time – 5 mins at the most if I can’t see the car, longer if I can see the vehicle. I personally believe that this is a preferable option to taking her out of the car in to the intense heat while I run an errand. I have friends who won’t even leave their child in the car while they pay for fuel… What do they think will happen in that 2 minute period?

What I struggle to understand, is how the general population can be so overly concerned about a child alone in an air-conditioned car for 5 minutes, yet will happily parade their baby around in a push chair with no cover and no hat when the mercury is pushing 40+ degrees and the UV rating is Extreme (yes, they actually have that rating). The burn time for a fair skinned adult wearing factor 50 sun cream can be as low as 15-20 mins. In a country with some of the highest levels of skin cancer, you would expect people to be slightly more careful with their children.

Even more bizarre are the numbers of pregnant women sunbathing on the beach. You are literally boiling your foetus. There is no AC in your womb. How can these actions be considered as completely normal? It defies logic.


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