Dear breastfeeding mothers, yes, I am going to shame some of you and no doubt make myself out as a terrible person. I am afraid I strongly disagree with your sentiments over exposed boob breast feeding. I don’t expect you to leave the area, or be ashamed that you are feeding your child, and yes it is completely natural… but for the love of god exhibit a degree of modesty. Not everybody wants to witness your sagging, white, vein riddled milk sacks flopping all over the place.

My wife breastfed both our children, and I am a huge advocate of it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a touch more discreet. You can’t fall back on the argument that ‘people have no issue with girls flaunting their goods’, because… Yes, some of us do. The difference is that you have a child and so it is automatically assumed that you are mature enough not to act like a petulant skank.

I appreciate the sentiment that it is a natural non-sexual act. Please feel free to express that opinion at home with your partner. In public however, it is still indecent exposure. My genitals are theoretically intended solely for procreation so perhaps I should walk around with my testicles dangling free of any constraints? It’s acceptable in the animal kingdom, isn’t it? Oh wait, that’s right… we have evolved. Maybe I am being too obnoxious, but I don’t walk around a shopping centre with no t-shirt on, because I don’t believe it to be appropriate to subject the people around me to that eye-sore.

Nobody is suggesting that you shouldn’t breastfeed in public (well, I am sure some people are), but maybe consider demonstrating a degree of modesty with the process. There is no reason to be ashamed, but perhaps consider that not everybody is comfortable with or wants to see your breasts. So rather than trying to make a stand by being overly vulgar, try being a bit more sensitive. You may find people have more respect for you that way.


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